Subscriber Example: Tao Tuesdays
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Subscriber Example: Tao Tuesdays

Here's an example to help you understand what to expect from a free or paid subscription to Best Guess (So Far) by Paul Malan.
Subscriber Example: Tao Tuesdays

Wondering what to expect from free, paid, and premium subscriptions? Here's a visual example of the Tao Tuesday newsletter!

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1.  Let Go of Knowing

They taught you of eternity
but words, like you, will die.
The way that can be planned for you
is not your chosen way.

The unknowable will outlive us all.
Knowing is the seed
of every fruitless lesson.

Free now from knowing, you begin to learn.
Trapped by old knowledge, you see no worthy question.

Yet curiosity and small-mindedness
exist within you still.
This is what it means to be human.

Questions within questions.
The gateway to liberation.

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Outgrowing Knowing

We learned to trust completely
the light that vanquished darkness
and so explained away every shadow,
subtle mystery, and contradiction.

Is it a wonder, then,
we feel uneasy in the dark?

In darkness we grope reality for an edge
   of ourselves
   of our world
   of meaning.
We are clumsy, unpracticed.

Set down old habits of knowing.
Let go the fear of shadow,
of mysterious shape,
and walk, unafraid, in darkness.

Do you miss the confidence of knowing?
Are you willing to live within shadow?
Embrace the unknowable
and your path, already, is found.

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